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Need volunteers? 

If you or your organization are looking for student volunteers, please e-mail NHS President, Maneet Angra, at maneetangra28@gbstu.org with the following information: 

  • name of event

  • date of event

  • location of event

  • starting time/end time

  • number of volunteers requested (please be aware that not all volunteer requests can be filled as we have a limited number of volunteers)

Within 2 weeks, you will hear from an NHS officer with information regarding your request. Please be aware that response times will be slower in the summer months.

Additional Guidelines for Requesting Volunteers
  • The GBHS NHS must be aware of your community event at least two weeks in advance of the date of the event.

  • The GBHS NHS does not provide individual long-term tutors as we already maintain a tutoring lab at the high school.

  • The GBHS NHS is an educational organization that promotes leadership, scholarship, character, and community service. As an we attempt to maintain the organization's educational integrity, we ask that your volunteer opportunity be one that aims to improve the educational community of Grand Blanc.